Never Die At The Hand Of A Lorry

One thing about life is that death could come at any second. Maybe you will wake up and put your feet on the floor and there will be a poisonous spider there waiting to bite you. Or maybe you will take a shower and a poisonous bug will crawl out of the drain and you will step on it and its stinger will go into your foot. Or maybe you will reach your hand into a box of crackers and there will be a mouse in the box of crackers and the mouse will bite you and, you won’t know it, but the mouse has rabies and you will get rabies and when you go to work it will be like the movie Quarantine. Or maybe you will be walking up stairs and you trip and fall face-first into the step in front of you and your face and teeth will be bashed into your brain. Or maybe you will lose the ability to control yourself and you will walk right into traffic, even though you are aware the whole time that it is something you do not want to do. Or maybe you will be a victim of spontaneous human combustion and only a few people will believe in your true cause of death. Or maybe a lorry will try to kill you.

And even though it would be very easy for you to die in this scenario you will escape, because FUCK YOU, LORRY! From BBC News:

The driver of a rescue truck managed to jump to safety as the broken down lorry he was pulling up a snow covered road fell down a cliff, taking the truck with it.

The driver of the lorry also managed to survive his vehicle’s fall and is in a stable condition.

A bug, sure, but certainly not a lorry. (Via BlameItOn.)