How Are We Supposed To Feel About Megan On Mad Men?

First of all, let me just say that last night’s episode of Mad Men was much better than the season premiere. I think this is mostly because last night’s episode felt like the show we have all come to know and love–with all of the quiet human dramas of our favorite characters and the fashions of the times and the drunken Roger Sterling zingers (see also the particularly good line about how Peggy is a woman so competitive that she races people to the bathroom. Emmy.) and also Betty AHHHH LOL–while last week’s episode felt like a stilted and underwhelming hack-faced piece of garbage. Hahhaha. That’s so much more intense than how I, or anyone really, feels or could possibly feel about last week’s episode, but the point is that I stand my ground and it was not good, but this week’s was good, and so the entire world can finally breathe easy knowing that Betty’s just fat and that I APPROVE the episode. Here’s a question, though: we’re three hours deep now and I’m still not clear how we’re supposed to feel about Megan. I think at the end of last season you were supposed to sort of wish he’d gotten together with that therapist lady, and the proposal was a “big shock,” but I actually totally respect and approve of the middle-aged-crisis-Don marrying a younger woman plotline. At least intellectually this seems pretty believable. Whether or not it’s kind of annoying to actually watch is another story. But more importantly, this show is NOT giving me the emotional cues I need to know how to feel about Don’s new wife. Are we supposed to like her or hate her? Is she trustworthy or suspicious? Is she fun or stupid? Is she good for Don or bad for Don? Seriously, what is it? HELP! I need to be told how to feel about things both in TV and in life, and Matthew Weiner needs to start coughing up those dramatic signposts pronto. Tell us what YOU think in the comments! Just kidding. I mean, you are welcome to comment. But I bet you can’t even help me. Unless you’re Matthew Weiner. Tell us what Matthew Weiner thinks in the comments!