Duh Aficionado Magazine: The Creator Of Two And A Half Men Is Awful, A Misogynist

From what I know of Two and a Half Men, which is admittedly very little, because obviously, it is not a show that features very many fully-formed female characters with personalities or obvious brains or lines. Generally the women on that show are just sparkly bodies on the arms of Charlie Sheen or whoever, yes? So it’s surprising that Two and a Half Men co-creator Lee Aronsohn has such a reasonable and respectful and not incredibly, EMBARRASSINGLY misogynistic attitude towards the new crop of female sitcom creators and writers and stars JUST KIDDING! LOL. April Fools’d. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, after explaining that he doesn’t want to end Two and a Half Men because the crew needs the work, which is like, yes, right, I’m sure that’s why YOU don’t want to end Two and a Half Men, because you’re thinking of all the money the crew still needs to make, he goes on to explain another reason why he doesn’t want the show to end. The reason is women, DOY! From The Hollywood Reporter:

Besides, the male sitcom writer isn’t a fan of the current crop of female-centered comedies like Whitney and Two Broke Girls.

“Enough ladies. I get it. You have periods,” Aronsohn commented.

He applauded women like Whitney Cummings, Chelsea Handler and Tina Fey securing a voice to discuss formerly taboo subjects on TV.

“But we’re approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation,” he added.

STOP FOCUSING THE PLOTS OF ALL OF YOUR TV SHOWS ON PERIODS, TINA FEY, ET AL! It’s like you can’t search for something as harmless as “period; menstruation; TV” without finding, like, ALL sorts of results. My god. “Enough ladies.” Please, for the love of God, for once in their entire lives will women step aside in the entertainment industry and let the men take over, and for that matter, WHEN WILL WHITE PEOPLE OF ANY GENDER EVER GET A FAIR SHAKE IN THIS BIZ? Though I do have to say that I am happy to hear that he applauded these women before telling them that their time (half a season, in most cases?) was up. Very nice of him. He seems very reasonable and like he’s just speaking truth to Big Woman, so it also makes sense that he acted contrite about the unfair portrayal of women on his own TV show LOL JUST KIDDING AGAIN YOU ARE VERY EASY TO FOOL!

The current female TV boom contrasts with Two and a Half Men mostly portraying women as bimbos, something Aronsohn isn’t about to apologize for.

“Screw it… We’re centering the show on two very damaged men. What makes men damaged? Sorry, it’s women. I never got my heart broken by a man,” Aronsohn earlier told the Toronto conference during a keynote address.

Honestly, one of the most upsetting things is that if a woman were to say that she wanted to make a comedy about women because she’s heard enough jokes about boners SHE WOULD BE CLOSER TO CORRECT THAN THIS JERK! But anyway, so, women are portrayed as bimbos on Two and a Half Men because you’ve never gotten your heart broken by a man, Lee Aronsohn? Right. “Screw it.” They’re all stupid bimbos because NONE of them wanted to go to dinner with you or even if they did they REFUSED to give you a cocaine blow job in the back of your car, probably because they were on their periods, which THEY ALWAYS SEEM TO BE! Cancel the five TV shows we’ve allowed them to have! We’re drowning in labias over here! Oh, but wait. Later he clarified?

Later, he clarified by insisting he was hardly one to take the moral high ground. “We do far too many fart jokes on Two and a Half Men. I’m the last person to judge,” he conceded.