Game Of Thrones Open Thread

GAME. OF. THROOOOONNNNNNNNNNNES! Welcome back to all our old pals! And hello to some new ones! (I’m talking to you, RED COMET, hello, welcome!) Admittedly, last night’s episode was a little light on nubile young women emerging from steamy baths only to be taken from behind, but still lots of excitement. Tons o’ baby killing. That first scene when Peter Dinklage returns as Tyrion Lannister and is just straight SMIRKING his way through King Friday’s Castle is so goooood. Although my very favorite part was when Mayor Carcetti was like, “knowledge is power,” and Queen Blue Lagoon was like, “uh, no, power is power,” because SERIOUSLY. This whole “the pen is mightier than the sword” bullshit is exactly that: bullshit. Give me a coterie of armed guards over a Moleskin notebook any day of the week. Let’s see, what else: Joffrey stinks but of course, OF COURSE, he’s mostly just interested in interior design. That one wolf. That new witch. It’s fun! Guys? Nerds?