As It Turns Out, Mitt Romney Can ALSO Sing

Not too long ago, Gabe posted a video of Barack Obama singing the first few lines of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” posing the question — to give a short paraphrase — “What do non-Obama supporters think of this?” In skimming the comments, I got the feeling the answer was something like “we love it just as much.” “Super cute, no complaints.” “Four more years, I AM convinced!” (JK. I read all the comments and those WEREN’T really the answers. L.O.L.) (The answer seemed to be — to give a short paraphrase — “it’s a little annoying.”) Today, we have an example of maybe as close to the other side of this argument as possible, in this current election season. Right? And it’s Mitt Romney singing “America the Beautiful.” Hahah. I mean, it’s not really a great flipped-coin example, because Mitt Romney’s popularity with his “supporters” is nowhere near Obama’s, and also “America the Beautiful” is nowhere near as charming as almost any other song, but you also have to admit that on the other hand, IT IS KIND OF PERFECT? That 1.5 weeks after wondering what people who dislike Obama, or like a GOP candidate, thought of him singing “Let’s Stay Together,” we have a video of Mitt Romney, the most reasonable GOP candidate, singing “AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL”? They’re both singing, is the thing. And also, the songs. Is the 2012 election an episode of The Voice yet? The ratings would probably be decent!

Man, I know that making a joke about Mitt Romney being a robot is the most joked joke you could ever joke, but guys — ISN’T THIS SOME SERIOUS ROBOT SHIT????? It’s like if somebody made a youngish actor playing an old dad from the ’50s who kind of liked to sing at parties, but really mostly only did it because his wife asked him to, into a robot president. Not to be down on him. He go, girl! Certainly not charming enough for debate, but CERTAINLY silly enough for light chatter. Which is the same thing I assume people say about me after they meet me the first or multiple times. So. C’est la vie! #gingrich4singing (Via BuzzFeed.)