This Week In GIFs!

Another week come and gone, another State of the Union address addressed and forgotten, another Sundance missed, another Academy Award nominees announced and boring, another mayor racist and embarrassingly inadequate. So what else is there to say but, T! G! I! F!!!!!!!! Phew! I can’t believe all made it here, together, to the end of the week. We really did it this time, and we all deserve a reward. Some kind of meaningless award that doesn’t cost anything, but also hearkens back to the week we all somehow made it out of in one piece. Ummm, I don’t know. I don’t have any ideas. Do you have any ideas? What was that? GIFs? The award you want the most is to just see a bunch of GIFs from all the stuff we went through together this week? Ok, that’s totally doable! CONGRATULATIONS!

The 2012 Academy Award nominees were announced!

Justin Bieber mentioned that he wanted to star in a remake of Fear, and it was the best idea!

Megan Foxes wanted you to learn English!

Christopher Plummer thinks the Beginners dog is better than the The Artist dog!

Aaron Paul had a terrible Breaking Bad spoiler prank!

Obama gave his State of the Union address and we played a drinking game and we all had to drink SO MUCH!

There were two different stories about pizza! Oh, great!

Drake wants to play Obama in a movie!

And, finally, we all watched two episodes of 30 Rock and one episode of Parks and Recreation!