Local News Station Re-Enacts Court Transcripts With Puppets, Obviously

In Ohio, federal prosecutors are pursuing legal action against former state Cuyahoga County commissioner, Jimmy Dimor, on racketeering charges. It seems like this guy was up to a lot of no good. He accepted bribes from a former county employee, as well as helping out with business arrangements from which he got kickbacks, and also “seeking sex in exchange for political influence.” Eek! What a bad news bear! Put that guy in jail! Find him guilty through the channels of due process, but then put him in jail! The courtroom is closed to television cameras, which seems fair enough. I’m not sure how those decisions are made, and I looked it up on IMDB but couldn’t find anything, but in any case, sure. Got it. No problem. Except that this ban on cameras has lead one local news station, 19 Action News, to recreate the day’s proceedings USING PUPPETS and SILLY VOICES in a thing they are calling THE PUPPETS COURT. (Grandslam.) Hahah. Uh, what? Puppets Court. No duh. HI, OHIO, WHAT IS UP?!

HAHAAHAHHAHAHA. Oh boy. All the news that’s fit to puppets. “Can we keep a line clear, please? We’re expecting a phonecall from the Peabodys at any moment.” Powerful stuff. Brian Williams. (Via 19 Action News. Thanks for the tip, Mike.)