Fight-Stopper Christian Bale, The Ryan Gosling Of Batmans

Just when America really needed it. When we were all coming down from the high that Ryan Gosling breaking up that fight in New York left us on for so many months, in steps a new Hollywood hero to break up a fight between homeless people while he is shopping near his home in LA. HE. IS. SOMEONE-WHO-PLAYS-BATMAN-IN-MOVIES-AND-ALSO-MAYBE-STOPPED-A-FIGHT-BETWEEN-HOMELESS-PEOPLE-IN-REAL-LIFE-IT’S-TOUGH-TO-SAY-BECAUSE-THE-INFO-IS-COMING-FROM-THE-NATIONAL-ENQUIRER! From Contact Music:

An eyewitness tells the National Enquirer, “I could not believe what I was seeing. It wasn’t clear what the people were arguing about – but it soon became apparent that their conversation was heading toward a violent incident.

“One of the homeless guys cocked back his fist and was just about to strike the other man – but out of nowhere Christian Bale appeared and got in the middle of them! Christian acted like a referee and told the homeless men to take it elsewhere – and away from all the families that were enjoying the peaceful surroundings.”

OUR HERO! Although it certainly doesn’t seem like he’s a great peace maker, as he basically just told homeless people go to fight somewhere where he and the other shoppers couldn’t see them, he CERTAINLY probably stood in between them to say it! Christian Bale: Bum Shoo-er. SHOO! Not to speak for everyone, but we all agree that this makes up for everything. Thank you, Christian Bale, for keeping our world safe. The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20. (Via ONTD.)