Four More Years Of Obama Singing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”

Politics are weird. Like, OK, remember how fixated everyone on the left was with George W. Bush’s vacation schedule and golf-playing? There were huge sections of Michael Moore movies dedicated to complaining about his vacation schedule and golf-playing. Oh, I was right there with it, too. “This fuckin’ guy.” Of course, the truth was that there were a lot more IMPORTANT reasons why George W. Bush was a bad president than the fact that he played golf sometimes (over-reach for executive branch powers, the illegitimate starting of grudge wars, his inability to speak clearly about any single issue whatsoever) but it was an easy thing to grasp onto. It looked wrong. Now, of course, because I approve of the current president, I’m like, IT’S A HARD JOB! HE DESERVES TO GO ON VACATION SOMETIMES AND BESIDES HE’S FROM HAWAII SO IT’S BASICALLY JUST LIKE GOING TO MICHIGAN, WHICH IS WHERE THE REST OF US ARE ALL FROM, RIGHT? (The golf thing actually still feels problematic to me, but only because I can’t turn the switch off. Thanks, Michael Moore.) The point that I’m trying to make is that I do recognize the double-standard here. There is just more wiggle-room on these kinds of things for the politicians you support, while it seems downright criminal in the ones you don’t. And we should keep that in mind for when it flops the other way at some point in the future. (Not this year. Give me a break. Take a seat, Romney. You, too, Gingrich. And do I need to even say anything to you, Santorum? Besides eat a dick?) We should be more considerate and patient and thoughtful. We won’t be, but we should be.

All of this leading up to the fact that last night at a fundraising event at the Apollo Theater in New York, before starting his stump speech, Barack Obama sang a couple bars of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” and I think we can all agree, on both sides of the aisle, that that is SOME BALLER SHIT.

Just kidding! I mean, I’m not kidding about that being some baller shit. That is crazy. Dude is crushing on stage right now. He’s in the midst of a difficult and cutthroat reelection campaign that is going to be a referendum on his performance in office, struggling against a sluggish economy and a distressingly high unemployment rate, not to mention an aggressively divided congress that thwarts the smallest of his ambitions. But the guy takes the stage and is just like, what’s up, ladies and germs, here’s one for you: what’s cooler than a cucumber? Nothing. BOOM! DROPS THE MIC! WALKS OFF STAGE.

But the point I am actually driving towards, and don’t even worry, I’ll get there if it takes me all day to write it, which at this rate it might, OK, about to, getting to it now, hold on, here we go, is that I do wonder what someone who doesn’t particularly like Barack Obama, or who supports one of the GOP candidates (God understands which one) thinks and feels when they see this clip. Annoyed? Disgusted? “This fuckin’ guy,” probably. We can’t all find this as charming and as great as some us might assume that we do, right? And yet when you do find it charming and great, the idea of someone feeling differently is so foreign and impossible. What a world! All shapes and sizes. All shapes and sizes.

Like I said, politics are weird! Oh, also read this. (Video via RatsOff!)