Uhh, Let’s Not Go To A Taping Of Good Luck Charlie

Apparently there is a show on the Disney channel called Good Luck Charlie. I really do feel like I have a good understanding of the shows that are on the Disney channel, because for some reason people talk about them all the time, but WHAT IS THIS SHOW? Do any of the cast members even date anyone in Hollywood? Why haven’t I ever heard of them? In any case, a woman and her family went to a taping of it recently and the woman, named Kellie, which, sure, spell my name that way, was pulled out of the audience by the warm-up comedian named Ron Pearson. And now she is filing a lawsuit because GROSS EWW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! From TMZ:

According to the suit, Kellie was later chosen to participate in an audience competition — in which the contestants would perform a “silly dance” to the Village People’s YMCA and the winner would get a prize.

Kellie claims she began to dance when “all of a sudden and without warning, Pearson started spanking [her] buttocks with his hands.”

In the suit, Kellie continues, “The unwarranted and unconsented spanking was RELENTLESS and did not cease until [Kellie] physically turned around to stop it.

The worst part — Kellie claims she didn’t even win the dance contest.

DIDN’T EVEN WIN THE DANCE CONTEST? After she let him spank her what seems like a lot of times? Like, way too many times? Like, why didn’t she stop him earlier? Gross, the both of you. The story goes on to say that Pearson also did the thing where he asked for a kiss on the cheek and then turned his face and really got a kiss on the mouth. Classic. Classic move for a warm-up comedian for a Disney Channel show no one’s ever heard of. Soooo, uhh, can we make a promise to not go see a taping of this show, whatever it is? It sounds gross. Great. Soooo, in conclusion — Good YUCK Charlie! The end. Goodnight!