Adding Silly Music To Your DANGER Reel Does Not Make It Fun!

We’ve all had a few rough times driving in the snow. (True, moving on.) And we all carry with us a deep fear of driving in any kind of bad weather because of the time we totaled our car in high school after thinking that we could drive home from the bowling alley even though it was snowing pretty badly, because we were young and had never driven in snow before and didn’t realize that we, especially we, REALLY couldn’t do it. So it pains us to see this clip of drivers in Seattle struggling with, admittedly, what looks to be a very small amount of snow, set to Herb Alpert’s “Spanish Flea.” DON’T YOU HAVE ANY RESPECT??? For how terrible some people are at driving? And how they should definitely have just stayed home because now everyone is in danger? And how, also, it hasn’t snowed in New York City at all this year and why not and when is it going to snow and it’s great when you don’t have to drive in it, so it would be really nice if it would just happen already because some of us decided that this would be the year when they finally bought snow boots and they weren’t inexpensive but we figured it would be worth it? DON’T YOU HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR THOSE THINGS?!

To give you some credit, the Herb Alpert does make the whole thing seem awfully lighthearted. Hahaaaaaaa. Stupid, dumb old Seattle. Maybe stop trying to do whatever you’re trying to do with that chain and go home and put on your flannel and grab your Starbucks and listen to Nirvana’s In Utero and think about what it would be like if Kurt Cobain were still alive, like a normal day. RIGHT? GOTCHA SEATTLE! Stay safe in there! In your home! Away from everyone else!

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