The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Last week I talked about how sometimes there’s an abundance of one kind of animal video throughout the week, and it’s always kind of a weird thing, and last week the one kind of video was dog videos. Well, THE STREAK CONTINUES! So many dog videos today. Last night I was looking around trying to gather up some more vids in preparation for today, and the results were honestly kind of frustrating. I was also playing Settlers of Catan at the time, which we do not need to talk about, let’s just say a friend was in town who is basically never in town and it was nice to see him and he wanted to play this game and, listen, just forget it, but let’s just also say that I put my settlements down on some VERY reasonable numbers/resources, but the GD dice kept landing on the same numbers and none of them were MY numbers, so I was never able to collect any resources. And then I couldn’t find anything but dog videos on the internet. And it was like, what the hell is even going on here? WHY AM I BEING PUNISHED?! In the calm light of day, though, I can see that I am not being punish. Because these dog videos are all great, plus there is a cat video that I cannot get enough of. Plus there are some that aren’t even OF dogs. Plus who even cares if you lose a game, especially when everyone else was definitely cheating?

10. Deer Takes A Seat

9. Puppy Meets Cows

8. Jumping Dog

7. Sock Catching Dog

6. Dancing Lizard

5. Kitten Licks Sleeping Puppy

4. Ferret Plays Dead

3. Cat Hat

2. Sleepy Dog

1. Kitten Jump

GOOOOOOOOOOOD VIDEO, KITTEN! You get 100 points for length of video, and then another 100 points for content of video. Congratulations! 200 points! Sleepy dog, your video is similar to the kitten’s video in that it is completely stupid, but also COMPLETELY SO GOOD! I could watch you sleep for minutes and minutes. The cat hat video didn’t really have me until the final moments when the cat REALLY settled in on that guy’s head. But once that happened, doy, I was sold. Great job, cat hat. I almost even wanted a cat for a moment, even though I know they are the worst. Ferret plays dead is another perfect-length video — I maybe even enjoy the length MORE than the content in this case, even though the content is also very good. I LOVE SHORT VIDS! Everyone else, congratulations all the same. You’re all a delight. I’m sorry I was frustrated about the abundance of dog videos. I take it all back.