Missing Person Update: Ryan Gosling Re: The Golden Globes

One of the most-talked about elements of this year’s Golden Globes, because it was incredibly boring and nothing even happened at all during it, was the mysterious absence of Ryan Gosling. OUR BOY! How dare he? If we all have to watch the Golden Globes, Ryan Gosling at least has to go to them to make them slightly less bad for us to watch. THAT’S OUR DEAL! Was he sick, we wondered? Did something happen on the way to the show and now he’s lying in a beautiful ditch somewhere, waiting for someone to save him? Did he stay at Disneyland a little too long and decided that it wasn’t worth it to try to make it back in time, but really it’s like he kind of did it on purpose? No, none of those! I don’t think? George Clooney kind of has some light to shed on it all, from The Hollywood Reporter:

When Clooney, who nabbed the best actor in a drama statue for The Descendents, was asked backstage about Gosling’s whereabouts, he said, “He’s working, I think, in Thailand. He wrote me a nice letter, an e-mail, this morning,” before adding, “You know, he’s gotta work, he’s gotta earn a living, he’s a struggling actor.”

First of all, good one. Does this guy ever turn it off? Second of all, uhh, did you even read that letter email?! George! THIS IS IMPORTANT. What did the rest of the email say? Maybe if you let us know what the rest of it said we can piece together his whereabouts in DEFINITE terms. Are you sure he’s in Thailand? Are you just not sure if he’s working? If so, that’s a start. Do you know who he’s with? Is it a woman? IS IT EVA MENDES? George, you have to focus! Please just forward us the email. We’ll handle this one ourselves.