Why Did We Ever Stop Campaigning Against The Ninja Turtles?

There is currently a very low-budget documentary on Netflix Instant titled Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?, and — as you can tell from the title — is is incredible. A conspiracy theory documentary that you put on because you think, “Haha, oh this is crazy, this is going to be fun.” And then you think, “Oh my goodness, look at the poor quality! I can’t believe they’re using comic sans. Where did they even get their information? This is such funny nonsense.” And then you think, “Haha, sooo, wait a second, did Michael Jackson really have a bunch of body doubles?” And then you think, “So really, I mean, there is all this evidence that it could have been one of his body doubles who died. It seems possible. I’m not saying I believe it, but just–” and then you think, “HE’S ALIVE!!!!” In that way, this video of a Canadian Christian panel discussing the demonic threats of children’s pop culture of the early ’90s, compiled by Rich FourFour, is a lot like that Michael Jackson documentary. I CAN’T BELIEVE WE ALLOWED CHILDREN (US) TO MAKE THEIR (OUR) OWN NUNCHUCKS!

If nothing else, this certainly explains a lot of the personality flaws we see in each other. Like why our generation REFUSES to say grace properly. GOD DAMNIT, BART! (Via FourFour.)