“My Video For Briona”

Guys, this video is for Briona ONLY. No one else watch this video, thx.

I hope you enjoyed the video, Briona. That’s your boyfriend, right? Of course it is. That is definitely your boyfriend. Enjoy the love that he has for you that is more powerful than the train in Unstoppable before they were finally able to SPOILER ALERT stop it. The love he has for you that is sweeter than the sweetest piece of candy dipped into a bowl of caramel and covered in chocolate and and baked inside of a key lime pie and buried at the top of Sugar Mountain, which doesn’t exist because nothing is sweeter than you. The love that is stronger than Mrs. Universe. The very same love that destroyed all of this boy’s t-shirts. Stay perfect, baby girl. Stay in school, everyone. Destroy the Internet. Winter is coming. (Thanks for the tip, greatjobdave.)