Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Here is a tumblr made of pictures of Downton Abbey with quotes from Beyonce and it’s called “Downton Abbeyonce” and what more do you even want? -DowntonAbbeyonce
  • Luckily people are still making Breaking Bad content for the web because WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT IT? So here is a supercut of every Breaking Bad POV shot. -Crackajack
  • Would you like to see a picture of Steve Carell as magician Burt Wonderstone for his upcoming movie of the same name? He looks weird, you should take a look. Why not? Ugh. You are incredibly difficult sometimes. Just look at it. -HuffPo
  • Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer interview the horse from War Horse. Just a delight. -FunnyOrDie
  • Hahah, oh my god. “I like to say that the big story about race on our show is that so many are represented.” Guess who said that during a TV panel discussion? This whole story is full of LOLs. Please read it. -HitFix
  • I continue to not understand these because I’ve never tried to and LEAVE ME ALONE, but Fred Armisen is doing a reddit AMA right now. Oh, great! -Reddit
  • Here’s a supercut! Another supercut. The Breaking Bad supercut was the first one, and now here’s one that’s a bunch of “I love the smell of _____ in the morning” clips. Two for the price of nothing. -FilmDrunk
  • In this video, a groom does a surprise dance routine to Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” I was at a wedding once where the groom did this with a different song so this is totally old SNOOZE to me, but maybe you’ve never seen something like this before? If so, what’s wrong with the people you know? They don’t like FUN? -TheDailyWhat
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt went to the White House for some reason. Who knows why. I don’t know why. But I do know there are a LOT of creepy stalker pictures that you can look at from it! -Dlisted
  • Finally, this is the last day you can enter to win Chris Gethard making fun of you in a YouTube video and a signed copy of his book! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? -Videogum