I Guess It’s Fine, Do What You Want With The Ice Cream

I know that in the past we’ve got a little upset with ice cream vendors who are too overzealous with the “show” aspect of their jobs. Not that we don’t appreciate odd talent, and not that we don’t love a good show, but most of the time when we order an ice cream — or ANY food, really — we don’t want it pretend thrown at us or fake-y given to us in a way that will definitely make us very embarrassed. It is mostly our own problem, not yours. I guess there must be SOME people out there who enjoy that. But for you guys in this video who are working at what looks like some sort of Coldstone Creamery-type restaurant, except the video says it’s in Dubai and I don’t know if they have those there: Do what you want! It’s fine. We’re all enjoying it, and it certainly looks like you’re both enjoying it enough. So, for you guys only, please disregard what I said about the just giving people their ice cream. You’re a delight.

Of course there are some things you can improve upon, like when you throw the ice cream at the girl for some reason and she almost doesn’t catch it and I don’t even understand what the thought process was there AT ALL, but for the most part you should just keep doing what you’re doing. But please stop doing that part. She even told you no! Maybe we should rethink all of this, actually. (Via VVV.)