Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • At some sort of Hollywoodbiz get together conference, NBC entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt “made clear that Community ‘has not been cancelled” and that it will be back I guess? At least for a while? Who knows. I mean, that is what he said. But WHO KNOWS! -TVLine
  • Speaking of, someone wrote this on a chalkboard on Community’s set and then Charley Koontz, who plays Fat Neil, put it on Facebook. And now you can see it. I’m thinking, “UGH.” But maybe you are thinking something different? -WarmingGlow
  • Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Rachel Maddow and Jimmy Fallon did picklebacks together. Those are the best! You should try one if you never have! And then keep trying more and more! And more and more and more and more! Also on Late Night: Fred Armison! Because season two of Portlandia premieres tonight! Great. -LateNight
  • James Franco wrote a new script to clips of him from General Hospital and is promoting it as a “humorous psycho-thriller” called Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is. Cool. Some very cool stuff you’re doing, James Franco. -FilmDrunk
  • Here’s a video of two cell phones doing a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” What? WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? -TheDailyWhat
  • In an appearance on Ellen, Kristie Alley said she’s tired of dating “psychos” and “players” and wants an appreciative “butt ugly” man. Congratulations, FELLAAAAAASSSSS! -Dlisted
  • Haha, if you were convinced already, here are some wonderful Twitter reviews of Robert Pattinson’s appearance and BUTT in Bel Ami. Move over, fellas, it’s the LADIIEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS time now! -Movieline
  • Oh finally! I feel like we haven’t discussed Ryan Gosling in AGES. So here is a compilation video of all of Ryan Goslings’s Hollywood girlfriends. DID YOU MAKE THE CUT?! Click to find out! -Celebuzz