A Heartwarming And Enjoyable Surprise For A Grandpa

It’s not very often that anything is nice in this world (this world meaning first the Internet and then second the actual world) (doy). For example, I don’t mean to harp on this, but I think I have another cold?! At this point it must be that the last one never went away but it’s like ugh my goodness when is this world going to END ALREADY? And, like, taxes? How even?! And there’s even stuff other bad stuff in the world, too. So when something comes around that is nice and heartwarming and features an adorable old Grandpa, it would be a shame not to sit back at our work stations and enjoy it. For the sake of our mental and physical wellbeing. Here’s an explanation of the thing I’m talking about, from the YouTube description:

My parents live in Germany and normally visit us in the States during Spring and Fall. Due to health issues, my dad isn’t able to fly. He tells me all the time how much he misses his grandson. How great it was surprising him!

Aw, how great it was! If only we could all plan such a surprise for our own grandfathers, like they did in this video and also on this week’s Parenthood. (Kind of, for Parenthood. Not exactly. You know what I mean though.) So let’s all watch it and stop wishing the world would end so much!

Awww. I’m glad grandpa didn’t die from the shock of being awoke by someone who was supposed to be far away in a different country. Wonderful. I feel better. I hope you do, too. I love you, grandpa! I love you, little boy! I love you, mom! I love you, Germany! I love you, GUYS! (Via TheDailyWhat.)