That’s Your Girlfriend: Courtney Stodden

By Gabe Delahaye / July 21, 2011

It must be weird for you that your girlfriend is married to another man, but then again, she is 16 and her husband is 51, and also she’s a Lizard-Faced Garbage Robot, so the fact that she is also your girlfriend is probably the least weird thing about the whole situation.

The thing that I do not understand about this marriage is that there are lots of disgusting women like this of LEGAL MARRYING AGE that Doug Hutchinson could have chosen, so what’s even the point? I mean, not to get gross about it, but if you’re going to marry a child, no pedo but wouldn’t you want one that was at least REMOTELY childlike and did not already seem like a Leathered-Out Retired Porn Demon? So fucking gross. As a marriage! Just as a marriage. Sorry, no, don’t worry, for DATING, which is what you two are doing, just have fun with it!