Computer Beach Party Looks Computer Beach Great!

Video Home Systems Dot Com has cut together this highlight reel from a forgotten ’80s sex comedy called Computer Beach Party. Is this real life? AHHHHHHH.

Michael Bay’s robo-farts break box office records and this movie falls into the dustbin of history? I’m sorry, but I find it far more believable that the head of NASA can be found in the stacks of the local public library than everything about John Turturro’s character in the Transformers franchise. This movie just has heart! I wonder if that nerd ever gets the “beautiful” girl a glass of water! I wonder what happens to that mean man’s highly esteemed personal wealth! Keyboard in the glove compartment! Enhance! Enhance! Beach party!

According to, you can still buy used copies of this movie for $5 on Amazon. Which I guess is fine if you live in a cave! In 1996! You’re telling me that Hamburger America: a Film by George Motz is available on DVD, but I’ve got to build a time machine and (KILL HITLER, and then) go back to the Age of VHS to watch Computer Beach Party? Between this and the lack of a Chopping Mall DVD, I am beginning to think that there is a conspiracy against putting movies I want to enjoy semi-ironically on DVD! A conspiracy!

Hey look, the chicken car!