First, Let’s Address The Thing

Almost everything that needs to be said has already been said, but I would still feel weird this morning just beginning the day as if it was a regular Monday round-up of the Weekend’s Best Fart Videos. First we must address the thing. It is very lonely in this room, with the exception of the giant elephant. Because Lindsay is gone. And I wanted to take a quick second and address her departure before we get to today’s inevitable round-up of the Weekend’s Best Fart Video. Relax, those farts aren’t going anywhere.

The outpouring of support for Lindsay last Friday was overwhelmingly generous, supportive, and sincere. As it should be. Lindsay is incredible. She is one of the most genuinely kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and, most importantly, talented people I have ever known. We were friends long before we were co-workers, and we will continue to be at least one of those things. Two winters ago, with Stereogum’s blessing, we began developing the site together, and had been pretty much left to our own devices until last week. I would like to think that despite everything, we succeeded.

Lindsay is more than half of Videogum, because being a half suggests an easy division, and this is not easy. She is intertwined at a fundamental level with everything that this site is, and her contribution is irreplaceable. The only bright side to this entire thing is that I’m completely confident that she will wind up somewhere great doing something amazing very soon. She will land on her feet as she always does. She’s a talker.

To say that Lindsay will be missed doesn’t even begin to describe the effects of her leaving. There has never been a Videogum without Lindsay. And there never will. Her spirit lives on! And the archives stand as a testament to her achievements here. I can only hope to keep my iHead above e-water without her. But we both worked way to hard to let Videogum just fall apart. We must soldier on, like a FAMILY. If Friday marked a sad end to a great era, let’s let today mark the hopeful beginning to a new one. I’d like to think that Lindsay would want it that way. Of course, she died, so there is no way to ask her. R.I.P. Lindsay. I am so sorry that you died.

OK, you guys. Let’s paint, exercise, and do this. FOR LINDSAY!