The Box Is The Book Of Questions: The Movie

The trailer for the thriller The Box, starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden came out last night. The premise of The Box is this: a Southern couple with financial problems is approached by a stranger (Frank Langella) bearing a box with a Staples easy button in it. He tells them that if they push the button, someone in the world that they don’t know will die, but they’ll get a million dollars. Even though that premise is completely ridiculous, I’m still interested in how they could possibly make a believable movie out of it. Also, check out their “Southern accents”:

I seriously thought for a second that Cameron Diaz and the kid who plays the son were doing that thing where you put on an exaggerated Southern accent as a joke! But anyway, so remember The Book Of Questions? It’s this silly little book from the ’80s and ’90s that you were supposed to break out at parties to learn about people and talk about deep ethical and moral issues, but it’s totally hilarious today because a lot of the “dilemmas” have very obvious answers. (“Would you ever consider dating a person of another race?”) The Box is based on an idea that’s also found in TBOQ, and that seems like it can’t possibly work in a movie. I’m sure they’ll give Frank Langella’s character some kind of motivation, but it won’t be believable. But who knows — The Game had a totally ludicrous premise, too, and that shit was awesome.