Kelly Clarkson Is The Hero Of The World

I tried to avoid watching this because I was pre-bored of the latest Perez Hilton thing before it even happened, but Kelly Clarkson did this interview this morning with some predatory radio station DJ doing that thing where they try to get celebrities to comment on the private lives of other celebrities, and she just WENT FOR IT and genuinely laughed in the most sincere and truly amused way at Perez in a way only a pop star who isn’t a gigantic hole of need can confidently do. Kelly is actually generous about Fergie, but for contrast, remember this whole thing started with Fergie, a 34-year-old professional woman, confronting the internet’s village idiot for drawing on photos of her. Kelly Clarkson is the best:

Kelly Clarkson now has her own asterisk in my “All celebrities would probably be nightmares to actually know” policy.