Cat Ladies: “When Cats Mean ‘Meow’ To You Than People”

I can’t decide whether that (official) tagline is tongue-in-cheek or not (probably), but there’s a new Canadian documentary making the festival rounds that will surely end up on TV soon. Cat Ladies explores one of our society’s most joked-about and feared archetypes: the crazy cat lady. The filmmakers wisely included cat ladies of all stripes, who seem surprisingly self-aware. “I think I’m a lot more sane than the people who can handle leaving a cat out in the middle of winter to freeze to death.” But the normal-seeming youngish one still freaks me out a little! (She has 16 cats now, but agrees that if she had 30 she would graduate to crazy cat lady status.)

It’s amazing it’s taken this long for this doc to exist. The official site has informaton on how to see it at festivals, and uses the familiar crazy cat lady action figure in the logo, which is pretty hilarious. (Via The Awl.)