Big Surprise: The New Scientology Ads Are Creepy, Insane

Yesterday Gawker pointed out a series of commercials for Scientology that have been running during, among other things, Anderson Cooper 360 (:(), and noted that they look like prescription antidepressant ads, which I guess they do, but they’re as similar to Mormon and Christian commercials, just much scarier and more like promos for The X Files. It’s kind of hard to believe that they’re actually real, because you would think Scientology would want to go the happy route instead of the futuristic lonely blue-black wasteland one, but what do you expect from a religion that is literally about aliens that live inside us. Here’s a slightly longer version of the “Truth” ad. I feel “an unexplainable emptiness” just watching this:

Whoever wrote the “Some think they can buy it” (shot of tan lady in front of mansion) part has a lot of balls.