Cardio For Indie Rockers: Because Goths Have To Work Out Too

The “For Indie Rockers” exercise tape series has been around for a while, but this is the first clip I’ve seen from it. It raises more questions than it answers!:

1. That’s what indie rockers dress like? With the boots and the fishnets and the whole getup? I thought those were goths! I thought people who listened to indie rock were officially allowed to dress in any manner they chose, even like totally boring regular people! Everything in the world is so confusing now.

2. This concept is cute, and I’m not really actually making fun of what as far as I know is actually the least obnoxious exercise tape out there (exercise tapes being THAT obnoxious). But even if you agree that the idea of this tape is fun and silly and self-aware, and at the very least, that this tape has MUCH better music than usual, you still have to wonder: dudes, WHAT IS UP WITH THE BOOTS/HEAVY SHOES? Nobody, not even this new strange definition of indie rocker that looks to me like a Goth, would choose to stomp around in heavy shoes while working out. I can’t wait to see if they do that in the yoga one.