Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

You guys, the Videogum readership, are great. We pride ourselves on having some of the most intelligent, and engaged, and funny readers on the internet. Your comments are hands-down the best there are! Sometimes! Sometimes your comments are completely terrible! Sub-par YouTube trash! Here is where we celebrate the best and one the worst of the week’s comments.

Some of you voiced a concern in last week’s announcement of this new feature that the comment section in light of this feature would become an annoying game of “Impress Gabe and Lindsay” mindless, sycophantic, one-upsmanship. We were worried about that too! We like to be impressed and flattered, but not if it’s insincere. So, after the jump, we present the week’s Top 5 comments as voted on by YOU. Democracy in action! Lindsay and I have each selected our favorite comment of the week for the Editor’s Choice. And, find out which comment got the MOST THUMB’S DOWN!



I just love it when these religulous idiots forget to hide their transparent misogyny. Somebody’s daughter? What about the somebody’s son who’s blowing his load all over her face?

Posted by: sarah palin
In response to “Somebody’s Daughter”: A Song To Remind You Of Why Porn Is Bad
Score = 53


I didn’t like this back in 2000 when this was called Crazy Town and I still don’t.

Posted by: Darren87
In response to Brokencyde’s New Music Video Makes Me Want To Die (Of Old Age, Apparently)
Score = 54

Posted by: Kenny Powers
In response to: John Voight Is Crazy
Score = 59


i love that she’s white trash AND super-liberal. because those totally go hand in hand.

Posted by: Johnny
In response to College Turns Girls Into Pregnant Liberals Who Hate Cookies
Score = 68


While Reign Over Me pretty well deserves whatever amount of shit you want to smear over its heavy-handed, ridiculous frame, I’m starting to feel like ANY plot at all would sound ridiculous in your capable, satirical hands. I’m not sure where the shitty plot ends and where Gabe’s Vision of Truth starts.

Then Dick and Jane take off down a hill in a wagon. And Dick keeps repeating how they’re going down down down the hill – which is totally realistic dialogue for riding down in a hill in a wagon. Because parents frequently let their children ride down steep hills in rickety old wagons from the fifties with anthropomorphic dolls that have feelings.

Posted by: Constantinople
In response to: The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Reign Over Me
Score = 141


The purpose of this organization is not to deny students an education or hinder their ability to think critically, its to prepare students for some of the ridiculous liberal ideology that is force-fed to college students around the country. Its not to promote ignorance, its to teach kids that just because their liberal professors and naive friends may promote damaging lifestyle habits and liberal-leaning views about politics, religion, and the world, they should feel no obligation to adopt these views and should keep in mind their upbringing and personal values when making decisions. I don’t see a problem with that. It is much preferable to the idiots who go to college for one semester and all of a sudden are hateful, shortsighted agnostic communists whose favorite activities include righteous indignation and trite marijuana-influenced rants about religion and politics.

Posted by: recordingDR
In response to College Turns Girls Into Pregnant Liberals Who Hate Cookies
Score = -57



Walker told me I have AIDS.

Posted by: simonsays
In response to Nice Try, Nerds

[Ed. note: CLASSIC. Nice reference. Completely arbitrary (I think?). Genuinely caught me off guard, resulting in some real Lots Of Loves. Well played, simon.]


That show was completely inappropriate. How far will reality shows go? The theme really prodded into that woman’s inner privacy. If she were MY WIFE her behavior would sooner than later leave a bad taste in my mouth. When will our appetite to digest freak “entertainment” Crest the level of normal and lead us into a dark abysmal hole of crap TV?

Posted by: chris (Ed. note: unregistered, unknown, unsung!)
In response to: Obsessed: Shit Just Got Real (No, Literally.)

[Ed. Note: I just like how everyone probably stopped reading this one immediately, thinking it was one thing, but if you keep reading, once you get to “Crest” you realize it’s definitely another. There were probably better one-liners this week, but this little unsung fakeout was (Aqua) fresh.]