Anna Faris Made A Cute Video About The Adorable Recession

I don’t know what this has to do with Glamour Magazine, but their cover girl Anna Faris made a funny-cute video for them about how the recession is affecting Hollywood. It’s not full of LOLs, but it’s not terrible either, and if you like Anna Faris (and video co-stars Rose McGowan and Anna’s real-life boyfriend, Parks And Recreation’s Chris Pratt), you’ll probably be so won over by her charm that you’ll forget for a second that the recession is really bad for many non-Hollywood regular people. I mean, that just has to be said.

A video with this premise was bound to get made anyway, so the fact that it was lovable Anna Faris instead of, say, Diddy makes it easier to swallow. It does kind of remind me a LITTLE of those internal videos they used to make for George W. Bush, though. (Via New York Mag’s Daily Intelligencer.)