The First Spoiler Pictures From Season 3 Of Mad Men

Yesterday in a round table discussion with other showrunners, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner complained about people on the internet spoiling the plot points of his show. As if in response, today the internet gave up two paparazzi shots of the set that seem to definitely answer one question posed in Season 2’s cliffhanger. This is definitely a spoiler, and by clicking the link below and following the jump you are officially assuming the blame. With great curiosity comes great responsibility, don’t come cryin’ to me, etc. Pictures:

OMG, a man from the future, where markers are worn as adornment, will suddenly appear at the Draper’s home, presumably wearing purple Calvin Klein underwear!:

Holy crap, a black man who doesn’t clearly seem to be a servant of some kind! Run, Betty!:

But seriously (or “seriously”), the Mad Men message boards are seeing this either as definitive proof that Season 3 of Mad Men won’t be ripping off Revolutionary Road with a Betty abortion, OR, since many fans are convinced the show is going to move significantly forward in time, they think the baby shown is not the baby Betty was pregnant with at the end of Season 2, but a later baby. But that theory is dumb. Betty was pregnant last season, and that’s the baby. Occam’s Razor. I’m sure the show has many other twists up its sleeve.