Collateral Damage: Bridezillas

At this point, there is no sympathy left for the participants in reality television. Maybe there was some sympathy for them and the ways in which they were cruelly edited into villains or manipulated for public mockery back in 1994 when we were all much less savvy about these kinds of things, but we live in a post-Joe Millionaire world now. Anyone signing on to a reality TV show at this point knows exactly what they are in for, and desperate attention seekers get what desperate attention seekers deserve. But there is a new class of reality TV star emerging. I’m talking about the unwitting participant who suddenly gets sucked into the miserable drama, and then signs a legal waiver agreeing that he or she is willing to have their image used for public broadcast. These people are collateral damage in the reality TV warpath. Left broken and abused on the floor of the viewing party they probably hosted so that their family and friends could thrill to the sight of them on the magic box.

Today’s highlight: Jon, the party bus driver from this weekend’s Bridezilla’s premiere (don’t even worry about why I was watching this. I had to do something while I lifted weights and rolled my own cigarettes!).

Haha, Professor Marriage over here. Jon has been around the block (at the wheel of his party bus), and he has seen couples come and go, and he likes to think that he knows a thing or two about what makes for a successful marriage. You just don’t take it to some of these dark places. Jon, the party bus driver, likes to think of himself as an amateur couples’ therapist, and he does not have a good feeling about this. (To be fair, no one has a good feeling about this.)

Also, he is Eric Wareheim.