Rush Limbaugh Is Just Fucking With Us Now

Barack Obama’s nominee to the United States Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, fractured her ankle at LaGuardia Airport in New York today on her way to Washington DC to meet with the Senate. Oh no! Please be more careful Ms. Sotomayor! There will be just as much Cinnabon if you walk as if you run! Obviously, Rush Limbaugh, a man who knows a thing or two about Cinnabon (he’s fat), has already weighed in on the situation.

Haha, what? According to Think Progress, they believe that this was a “joke” in reference to a statement Judge Sotomayor made in a speech in 2001. Sure. I mean, it’s a “joke” insofar as something painfully unfunny and incredibly confusing is a joke, and it’s a “reference” insofar as something that you have to research, misinterpret, and then use out of context in a way that makes absolutely no sense is a reference.

At this point I think even Rush Limbaugh is mostly confused by everything that leaves his mouth, unless it’s cigar smoke or ham-flecked spittle.