Voices That Care, For Crying Out Loud

Can we make a rule that says that every single year at the same time (summer is probably best), all of the people who are currently “hot,” no matter how unrelated their fame is, have to get together in the same room and sing a cheesy song together for the enjoyment of The People Of The Future? Because these things are SO FUN. “Voices That Care” was a single released in 1991 and intended to bolster the morale of the Desert Storm troops. I owned it. I also taped the making-of special that aired on FOX, and saved the tape, and watched the tape, because I loved Fred Savage, Will Smith, and Alyssa Milano. “Voices That Care,” the video: whether it’s a trip down memory lane or a look at what was going on while you were being potty trained, it’s so much fun:

Hey, we have troops in the Persian Gulf now! Why don’t they get our current celebrities to do a cover? Robert Pattinson would probably do it! But the only five people they would probably ask back for another round would be Will Smith, Meryl Streep, Sally Field, Whoopi Goldberg, and (star of the upcoming NBC comedy Community) Chevy Chase. It’s weird because most of them are old! (Via Everything Is Terrible.)

And because it’s sort of on-topic, this morning The Today Show showed a short clip of a soldier surprising his 10-year-old daughter by returning from Iraq. It’s wonderful:

(Via Jezebel.)