Anderson Cooper Gets An Awkward Birthday Surprise: Kathy Griffin

Yesterday was the wonderful Anderson Cooper’s birthday, and so Kathy Griffin and Suze Orman showed up last night on AC 360 to surprise him with a cake and, in the case of Kathy Griffin, lame underminery insults and credit for his career. The whole thing could not have been more awkward. Anderson doesn’t even recognize Kathy’s voice at first and is clearly uncomfortable with Kathy’s plea for attention at the expense of his show. Or at least that’s how I’m reading it, because I hate Kathy Griffin so much! Maybe Anderson is just modestly embarrassed at the birthday hoopla, like a normal person. But I’m going with “Rejoice! He and Kathy Griffin are not even really friends!”:

I hope Anderson had a real birthday party with his real friends last night. (Also: Suze Orman, as you were, you’re fine. Kathy is the enemy here.)