Postcards From The Twilight Cruise

FilmDrunk points out that the enormous popularity of the Twilight series of books and movies has expanded its merchandising to a theme cruise. The trip includes an autograph session and a costume ball. Sounds like fun! A bunch of frustrated nerds whose one desire is to live in a fantasy world where sex equals death and men are monsters, playing shuffleboard and doing the limbo at the midnight buffet. I’m pretty sure the boat in Ghost Ship was a Twilight cruise. Also, aren’t cruises relatively expensive? Adults are paying for this? Adults, cut it out. All the kids are like:

“Dear Becky,

Yesterday I almost got to meet one of the kids who is an extra in the high school cafeteria in New Moon, but then my mom embarrassed me by BEING ALIVE. I would throw myself into the ocean except that would mean that Robert Pattinson could never MARRY ME.

Lots Of Love.
Lindsay Robertson”

Just kidding. I know that teenagers don’t know what postcards are. “You mean like sexting but on paper?” No, I don’t.

(Image via FilmDrunk.)