That’s Your Boyfriend: Guy Sings Lovely Song Well, In Camel Toe Silk Boxers

This edition of That’s Your Boyfriend is on the edge: on the one hand, your boyfriend here is singing a great song, “All My Little Words” from one of the best albums of all time, 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields. And he’s not only playing guitar perfectly, but he’s singing exactly like Stephin Merrit in the original version. If anything, the only criticism here would be that he didn’t add his own twist to it, sonically (and possibly whatever’s on his shirt, though I can’t read it). But WHY did he go to all the trouble to learn and practice the song and set up his camera and NOT BOTHER TO PUT ON PANTS? His boxers are so tight they actually look uncomfortable! Dealbreaker:

I think everyone watching this found themselves staring at the blanket behind him. It’s right there! Grab it! This video is officially a PSA: if you’re going to make a YouTube video, clean up your house and cover your upper inner thigh area, at least. But again, great song choice. (Thanks for the tip, Eve!)