The MTV Movie Awards: Just The Funny Parts

Last night’s MTV Movie Awards were weird, because much of the two-hour paid advertisement for upcoming blockbusters (like the Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds rom com The Proposal. JK.) was ACTUALLY FUNNY. (And we just knew KEYBOARD CAT was gonna show up.) I actually felt like I was watching it because I wanted to and not just out of some lame desire to keep abreast of what the kids are doing. But that said, it seems unlikely that the kids themselves — the actual coveted youth demographic, had any idea what was going on. They were probably just like “Twilight! Kiss, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, kiss!” Here’s video of the six funniest moments, (I can’t believe there were six!), with more in the photo gallery.

6. Bruno puts his butt in Eminem’s face; Eminem stomps off. This was clearly set up beforehand, but it’s fun to pretend it wasn’t:

5. Andy Samberg’s Twilight: New Moon spoof:4. The Show Opener starring Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake. I wasn’t aware that The Reader was so big with the MTV audience:3. LeeAnn Rimes, Chris Isaak (!) and Forest Whitaker do a medley of Lonely Island/Andy Samberg songs:2. Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions. So true:1. Kristen Stewart Drops Her Moon Man Popcorn Thing:

Oops, I think we have to kind of like her now. Damn!