Friday Fight: What Should Win “Most WTF Moment” At The MTV Movie Awards?

gabe: who do you think should win the coveted Best WTF? Moment at the MTV Movie Awards?
lindsay: Well for one thing, it should be something that is actually WTF. Like, Amy Poehler peeing in the sink in Baby Mama? She had to, there was a child lock on the toilet!
lindsay: We know exactly what the fuck on that one.
gabe: yes, that is not a wtf moment
gabe: it is very clear what is happening there
lindsay: I would say the Slumdog Millionaire scene so brilliantly described by MTV as “jumping in the poop shed” will probably definitely win.
gabe: i hope slumdog millionaire sweeps
gabe: the whole show
lindsay: Also, that was someone’s job, to make up that description
gabe: i hope they win every single award
gabe: what a proud moment that will be
gabe: for slumdog millionaire fans
lindsay: oh man
gabe: another feather in that awful cap
lindsay: I see where this is going
gabe: haha
gabe: yes!
gabe: straight into the poop shed

lindsay: hahaha
gabe: slumdog millionaire should be called
gabe: Jump Into The Poop Shed
lindsay: I hope Forgetting Sarah Marshall wins, because it was a just plain awesome movie.
lindsay: Also, Jason Segel’s penis
gabe: the only movie that you overrate more than that movie
gabe: is slumdog millionaire
gabe: that movie was fine
gabe: it was totally passable
lindsay: No way, as each of my friends has seen it for the second time, they have come to me
lindsay: with apologies
lindsay: and tears
lindsay: begging for my forgiveness
gabe: you should get new friends
lindsay: it’s probably the best breakup movie of all time.
gabe: your friends sound funny
lindsay: It’s a really really good movie.
gabe: it’s a really really OK movie
lindsay: I understand that you didn’t get it the first time.
lindsay: Shhhh, its okay.
lindsay: there’s still time to appreciate it.
lindsay: but as you’ve pointed out before, all these movies are so OLD that we’ve had time to figure out WTF on all of those scenes.

lindsay: it’s like “Best WTF Moment: Harold And Maude’s Age Difference”
gabe: right
gabe: although i don’t know
gabe: even though those movies are all old
gabe: it’s still nice to see slumdog millionaire finally get an award for Best WTF? Moment
gabe: sorry, WANTED
gabe: better luck next year, Wanted
gabe: it’s funny that MTV finally added a “WTF” category
gabe: five years after my mom started saying “WTF”
gabe: kids who watch MTV are like “what does WTF mean?”
lindsay: My favorite thing about the Wanted one is isn’t it the TWIST ENDING?
gabe: and they have to get out their history books
gabe: i’m surprised they didn’t scrap the Best Movie category
gabe: for Movie That Is Da Bomb
lindsay: Also, if the wanted one isn’t the twist ending, then it’s not even the most wtf moment in wanted.
lindsay: but they shouldn’t give away the ENDING.
gabe: well, on the one hand you have a point
gabe: the WTF moment in Wanted is when they use peanut butter and mice to blow up a castle
lindsay: yes
gabe: in chicago?
gabe: the classic Chateau Chicago
gabe: but on the other hand
lindsay: that is basically the most wtf moment in cinema
lindsay: and they’re rats!
lindsay: not cute little mice
gabe: i’m going to give MTV a SPOILER pass on this one
gabe: since the movie came out 14 years ago

gabe: what does that even mean, WTF moment?
gabe: none of these moments are completely detached from any kind of context
gabe: in fact, they all rest on the pretty solid framework of an ENTIRE MOVIE to help make sense of them
lindsay: I know!!
lindsay: I would actually say wanted is the most wtf in that it’s surprising
lindsay: but also very “Oh, yeah, I see that they’ve been setting this up”
lindsay: Ayush Mahesh Khedekar (Young Jamal) takes a mud bath… in an outhouse. Get it?
lindsay: Yes, we get it.
lindsay: He’s poor.

gabe: let’s have an MTV Movie Awards Oscar Pool
gabe: but just for the WTF category
gabe: high stakes
gabe: if i win, you have to buy me ice cream
gabe: and if you win, you have to buy me ice cream
lindsay: what kind of ice cream?
gabe: if slumdog wins, chocolate
gabe: and if saving sarah silverman wins
gabe: mediocre flavor
gabe: like just some ice
gabe: your basic ice cone
lindsay: right. what ice cream is the color of jason segel’s penis?
lindsay: peach?
gabe: EW
lindsay: you’re making me eat poop!
gabe: lindsay, i’m obviously joking
gabe: but i don’t see why it’s so hard
gabe: to get you
lindsay: ice cream party!
gabe: jump into the ice cream shed