Operation Watch This: The Norm Macdonald Reality Show

In a recent interview, Norm Macdonald teased his upcoming FX show, The Norm Macdonald Reality Show, because it is his curse to be underappreciated. Normally a show is announced to the public via a publicist or a marketing department. Not when it’s a Norm Macdonald show. Whatever. Norm ain’t care. He will take his show to the STREETS. So, what will this show be all about?

Express Milwaukee: What else do you have in the pipeline?
Norm Macdonald: Oh yeah, speaking of things that I’m not actually good at, I’m doing a television show on the channel FX, which will actually be funny, or it might be. I wrote it. Have you ever seen “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?” I like that show, and I think that’s FX’s only comedy, so they wanted a companion. I really like FX a lot; they don’t give you very many notes or anything. So they’re finally going to let me do something I want to do. It’s called “The Norm MacDonald Reality Show.” The premise is my career has fizzled into oblivion, so they give me a reality show, which I reluctantly take. So I have to date the Barbie twins and do all this weird, retarded stuff. Now I don’t know how to drive in real life-my actual life-so in the show they teach me to get a license, but maybe they get Lee Ermey to teach me; you know, some twist. Anyway, so during the driving lesson, I accidentally kill the teacher. And then all hell breaks lose. I start to become famous again, and the show becomes a hit, and the trial starts. I get my fame that I didn’t want in the first place. But there’s a lot of funny stuff in it. I guess I’m telling it like it’s not funny.

Nice. Norm MacDonald is like the George Plimpton of stand-up comedians doing late-career high-concept basic cable TV shows. Let’s watch this show, you guys. The Videogum DVR Club seal of approval.

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