Zac Efron To Present Ben Stiller With A “You’re Old” Award

At the MTV Movie Awards, the world’s most important and relevant awards ceremony, it will be official: Ben Stiller is old. From People:

Zac Efron, 21, will present the Zoolander star, 43, with MTV’s Generation Award at the upcoming Movie Awards, the network confirms to PEOPLE.

Man, I broke a hip just reading that. There’s something about Zac Efron doing the presenting that really drives the point home (the point being: someone take Ben Stiller to the hospital for him to die). Also, the “Generation Award”? What is that? Why don’t they just call it the “Basically Irrelevant Award,” or the “You Don’t Know Him But Your Parents Think He’s Cool Award.” Dude is 43 years old. YUCK. Get off the stage, Grandpa.

Fuck you, MTV. Ugh, I’d probably have to SEXT that to them for it to have any impact. What world do we live in? I think I took the wrong Sliding Doors. Why is my hair blond?

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