Whoa, Why Isn’t Everyone Talking About 9?

Sure, the animated feature 9, produced by Timur Bekmambetov (Night Watch) and Tim Burton (Big Fish), has been talked about on FILM BLOGS but you know who those are for (nerds). What about the rest of us?! Why isn’t this movie on the cover of Parade magazine so that the people know?!

Seriously, though, I had seen posters and trailers and blogs about this on-line for awhile because it’s my job to see these things, but I had largely ignored them because I am bad at my job. Also, it’s a cartoon. And I’m 45 years old. And I heed the lessons of The Iron Giant. Because I actually thought The Iron Giant was kind of overrated. We don’t need to get into a big The Iron Giant debate, but that movie is for children, and I was led to believe that it was for everyone. Anyway, 9 is not for children! It looks so scary! The Apocalypse! Sack babies! Crispin Glover! It’s like The Strangers meets Delicatessen meets Batteries Not Included!

I just saw the trailer at the movie theater last night (that’s right, BALLIN’), and it is crazed on the big screen. But YouTube embeds will have to do. Two 9 trailers after the jump, you guys.

In your face, Up. (Just kidding, Up. See you next week! Literally.)

But 9. Man. Who knew? I mean, besides all the people who were paying attention and live an engaged life with the world around them, unhindered by their juvenile need to automatically reject and/or pre-emptively judge everything? Also, watch it in HD here. What is this, late 2007? YouTube BETTER DRUMLINE.

9/9/09, of course.