Remember When Twin Peaks Was Just A Network TV Show?

It is upfronts season, which means that all of the major networks are announcing their fall line-ups and appealing to advertisers with fancy parties and celebrity-filled presentations for early commitments to spend their hard-earned Disney Dollars. After the networks are done raking in the cash with their giant metaphorical ham fists, they will turn to us, the viewers, and try to get us on board. The circle of TV life.

Hakuna Matata.

So it is funtimes to stumble on this clip (via The Daily What) in which ALAN THICKE takes us on an upfronts season behind-the-scenes tour of Twin Peaks. Because sometimes it’s easy to forget that your favorite cult TV show that no one understands or appreciates the way you do was ACTUALLY ON TV, and all that that entails.

Part two:

Haha. Cool soundtrack, dude! You are so undergound. Cowabunga. Now let’s go shopping for some punk aqua socks and alternative slap bracelets.