Ann Curry Can’t Believe She Grabbed Brad Pitt’s Face

Ann Curry interviewed Brad Pitt live from Cannes on the Today Show this morning about Inglourious Basterds, a movie, Ann kept pointing out, she has seen and Brad has not. In addition to some good-old-fashioned sycophantic Ann Curryisms (“There isn’t a shred of the humanitarian Brad we’ve come to know in this character, because this character is heartless.”), she pressed Brad at the end about his private life to the point where he had to shut her down. (He doesn’t even have anything out there to say to “the ladies”! He refuses to say he’s happy in his life now!) And, for some reason, she grabbed his face. According to Ann’s Twitter, she can’t believe it either.

(The stuff that leads to the face-grabbing starts at 5:00, but personally I loved the whole thing.):

She can’t believe it!:

I used to “hate” Ann Curry, but I have to admit she’s growing on me. Who else in media regularly slips bizarre phrases like “Big, powerful Jews” into polite interviews? Who else would grab Brad Pitt’s face? And do you fucking know how old she is? She looks amazing! Ann Curry is doing something right. Oh, and by the way, Ann Curry wants Brad Pitt and everyone to know that Inglourious Basterds is good. Done and done.