A Fun Star Trek Test

Gizmodo compares the the size of the new Starship Enterprise from JJ Abrams Star Trek (probably the best movie ever made, basically*) to the previous Enterprise, as well as other spaceships in sci-fi movie/TV history. It makes for a fun pop quiz.

How big is the new Starship Enterprise?


725.35 meters. A whoppumental 2,379.75 feet. That’s how big the new super-sized Enterprise is.

When JJ Abrams said that he wanted to put some Star Wars into Star Trek, apparently it also applied to the scale of spaceships (and matching viewscreens.) And while the new Enterprise doesn’t even reach half of the 1,600 meters–that’s a mile long–of an Imperial Star Destroyer, it’s still amazingly big compared to the 288 meters of the old Enterprise. Maybe now you would be able to take down an Star Destroyer with a couple of these.

b) you are a nerd.

c) both, but especially b.

How did you do? Oh, I’m sorry. Let me pull your head out of the toilet. How did you do?

*Not the best movie ever made. But very fun!