The Road Trailer Tries To carry The Fire

Cormac McCarthy’s book, The Road is a miserable (in the “good” way) experience; an unrelenting vivid nightmare. One could easily wonder whether they should have ever made a movie in the first place. The human reality of the Apocalypse is unimaginable, but the power of the book is to force you to try. But a movie takes a lot of the work out of it. You’re just confronted with a series of pre-fabricated one-sided images of a wasteland that resembles previous Hollywoodian wastelands (Day After Tomorrow, I Am Legend, the Terminator: Salvation trailer). Moreover, movies tend to be closed systems of thought (where books tend to be open), hermetically appeasing the viewer’s need for closure or catharsis even when they don’t try to.

That being said, like the fictional Apocalypse is to the man and the boy, The Road movie is just a fact that now must be confronted and survived. Perhaps even “enjoyed”?

The Road trailer, you guys:

OK. I know they expanded the Charlize Theron role to try and get that coveted “women who enjoy Apocalyptic horror-survival daymares but feel like it’s too male-centric” audience. And sure, the trailer is one Linkin Park song away from being another post-Apocalyptic thrill(er)-ride. But this still looks really scary, and really relentless, and really about as close to the book as a Weinstein adaptation is going to get, and it’s got Omar in it. So I am going to do something I have never done before, I am going to use “woof” as a compliment.


(Thanks for the tip, Joseph.)