Community Actually Does Look Fantastic

NBC announced today that they’re picking up the Joel McHale/Chevy Chase/John Oliver comedy Community, about a sleazy lawyer forced to go back to community college, and they released this new long trailer for it, in which it looks, in a word, hilarious. It actually contains at least one laugh out loud moment! (In an NBC TV show trailer!) And don’t miss Derrick Comedy’s Donald Glover as Troy. “Let’s discuss this creepiness”:

The other good news is that Broadcasting And Cable reports that “E! expects Joel McHale to stay on The Soup,” which is less than totally reassuring, but fans of The Soup will have noticed a Soup-inside-joke in this trailer (“That means you do my homework, right Seacrest?”) If anyone was wondering if Joel McHale would seem weird and out of place acting in a sitcom, the answer seems to be no, at least as long as he’s playing an asshole. (Via Andrew Ti’s Tumblr.)