Denise Richards Can’t Sing. No, Really.

Look, a lot of people can’t sing. So that’s why a lot of people, if (inexplicably) asked to sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at a Cubs game, would have said no. But not Denise Richards. Denise Richards belts out this easy song so off-key that it’s impossible for the fans to sing along:

Also, please appreciate that Denise has to look down at the lyrics the whole time. She has one job (literally, in the world) and it’s to sing a simple kid’s song from the comfort of her luxury viewing suite, and she can’t even do that. But check out that confidence! That Denise Richards swagger! In Denise Richards’s head, Denise Richards is the Barack Obama of Hollywood, or wherever she has to live now. This video, which was clearly shot with Denise’s delusional permission, is Denise Richards’s press release to the world saying “I’m still terrible!” She’s the worst.