The Room Is Coming To New York For One Night Only

(If you don’t know yet about The Amazing Cult Phenomenon That Is The Room, you are implored to catch up as soon as possible here and here.)

Now for everyone else: Oh, hi, The Room is coming to New York on Friday, March 20 at midnight and it’s totally going to sell out any second, so if you live nearby, buy your ticket now and join other East Coast Room fanatics in the live The Room experience. (This isn’t advertising, this is just real excitement.) To promote the screening, the organizers made a Facebook event page and put together a video of audience reactions to one of the monthly LA screenings, to which my only reaction is “Oh my god these people all like fifteen What am I doing with my life?”:

Wow. But don’t let those children with great taste in bad movies scare you away, there will be at least twenty grown-ups in attendance, at least one of whom will be wearing a tie around her head drunk-Lisa-style. Don’t forget to bring plastic spoons! (Eternal thanks to Amy for tipping us off about this in time to get tickets!)