Inglourious Basterds Looks Terrable

We haven’t posted the Inglourious Basterds teaser trailer yet this week because the only versions available were those clips from Entertainment Tonight where those dumb-dumbs talk over the whole thing. What’s that all about anyway? Those guys should shut up. That show should be called WE-T, short for We Should Shut Up Tonight, am I right, you guys? Woof. Long day. So now there is a clean, un-talked-over-by-idiots version of the teaser trailer, and wow, this movie looks bad!

Do the math. Eli Roth plus Brad Pitt’s terrible accent plus the miscasting of BJ Novak plus the disgraceful use of World War II as the backdrop for Grindhouse 2: Axxxis of Evil = total booacaust. Even with the extra credit points they earned with Samm Levine, it’s not enough to pass. So, FAIL. Maybe this will be the last one. Maybe Quentin Tarantino, the self-important vampire bully, will be forced to retire to his zebra-printed boom boom coffin and leave us alone now. Fingers crossed.