Stephen Colbert And Steve Martin Re-Enact Christian Bale’s Freakout

Wait! Don’t look away just because the title suggests some sort of remix, mashup, or re-enactment of Christian Bale’s freakout. I know we’re all about to die of Christian Bale Mashup Fatigue. Last night I muttered to myself that if I saw another one I would quit the internet, but then Stephen Colbert and Steve Martin did a bit on the show last night and I had to change my mind.

Hahaha. BUT NOW WE ARE DONE, internet. It’s time to stop examining Christian Bale’s IMDB page for his most obscure credit in order to make the most “original” mashup. It’s time to stop sending everyone that He’s Just Not That Into You trailer remix, which was neither properly synched nor remotely sensical. It’s time to move on to the next thing. It’s time to heal.